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A blocked drain whether it’s a sink, toilet, bath or any other location is more common than you might think, statistically you’re likely to experience a blocked drain a few times a year at least. But while you might think a few hard pumps with a plunger will clear the problem up this isn’t always the case. Drains unblocked for just £50.00 in Preston and the surrounding areas. Drains are not always easy to unblock and if you try yourself you could easily end up worsening the block or even damaging your drains.

That’s why you should always call upon our drain unblockers Preston service as we can guarantee your drains will be unblocked quickly and safely. From simple issues like blocked toilets or blocked sinks to more complex problems at Ainscough Drains we provide an in-depth thorough drains unblocked service for all your drainage needs.

From emergency drainage services in Preston and the surrounding area to simple drain check-ups we do it all. We also act quickly and work to your schedule, so if you’re suffering from a blocked drain in Preston or the surrounding areas get in touch today. Our experienced technicians will quickly assess your drainage issue and be able to offer you knowledgeable advice on how to fix it. Please contact us.

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Included in our already amazing blocked drains Preston service is a powerful water jetting service! Water jetting is one of the most efficient ways of removing blockages from drains quickly and effectively. But it takes a trained professional to be able to use water jetting effectively but with our experienced technicians you’ll be in safe hands. For blocked drains in Preston or the surrounding area that experience reoccurring blockages water jetting is a popular way of clearing them quickly to prevent any lasting damage. Commercial and domestic properties with older drains that are more susceptible to blocks benefit greatly from water jetting. But it’s a versatile high pressure drain clearance technique that can be used for a variety of different drainage blocks.

We are so confident in our amazing blocked drainage Preston services that we also offer a six weeks guarantee for clearances in the majority of circumstances. If your drains do suffer a block again and you are covered by our guarantee then we’ll unblock your drains completely free of charge. It’s all part of our amazing unblocked drains Preston service and an essential part of drainage team promise.

While we’re proud of our high pressure drain clearance water jetting service it’s just a small part of our amazing blocked drains Preston service. Our high quality services includes everything both domestic and commercial clients in Preston and surrounding areas could need. Let’s take a thorough look at our amazing block drains Preston services in more detail.

At Ainscough Drains we pride ourselves on our amazing blocked drains services this includes a wide array of services including: emergency drainage call outs, rapid responses to communications, high pressure drain clearance techniques like water jetting, emergency drain clearing available both commercially and domestically, septic tank emptying, professional excavation work, graffiti removals, various drain repair work and of course common drainage repair systems for blocked toilets and blocked sinks.

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Call me now on :- Mobile 07452 700700 or 01772 619310

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