blocked drains preston
February 23, 2017
blocked drains preston

Ainscough Drains Your One Stop Solution For Blocked Toilets and Blocked Sinks in Preston

Do you live in Preston or the surround area? Whether it’s in a neighbouring areas like Leyland, Southport, Chorley, or Lytham St Annes or right in the middle of Preston city centre there’s a very high probability that you’ve experienced a blocked toilet or blocked sink. While you might have been able to fix this yourself with a plunger, what happens when that doesn’t work? Or does that always mean the problem is fixed?

A blocked toilet or blocked sink isn’t always easy to fix and can cause a lot of problems if left blocked for even a day. Our drains are very important but we often don’t realize just how important until they suddenly stop working. With a blocked sink for example a simple task you washing your hands or doing the dishes can become very difficult of even impossible.

Blocked toilets are also incredibly difficult to deal with and if left unchecked blocked drains of any sort can cause your home to quickly become unclean and the likelihood of problems like mould or even illness dramatically increase.

So if you do suffer from blocked drains or sinks then call in the experts at Ainscough Drains to get them unblocked quickly and professionally. Even if you think you’ve got your sink or toilets unblocked yourself using a plunger there’s a chance you’ve only partially unblocked some of the drain.

This means that your toilet or sink could still be at risk so always get the experts at Ainscough Drains to ensure your drains are thoroughly cleared. Whether it’s a commercial or domestic property at Ainscough Drains we can guarantee and fast and efficient service that will get your drains cleared.

Ainscough Drains – A Professional Service You Can Rely On

Ainscough Drains are experienced and professional tradesman are armed with high quality equipment and an in-depth knowledge of drainage systems, so they’ll be able to tackle any problem with the upmost professionalism.

Blocked toilets and blocked sinks are some of the most common drainage issues and it’s highly likely that any household or commercial property in Preston or the surrounding area will face a blocked sink or toilet at least once.

But when you do don’t try and fix it on your own or even worse just ignore the problem, call in the professionals at Ainscough Drains to get the problem fixed quickly. At Ainscough Drains we utilise a range of techniques to get any blocked toilet or sink cleared and working again. This includes techniques like high pressure water jetting and even full drain excavations for those more serious jobs.

Blocked toilets and blocked sinks might be common problems but if left unchecked they can cause serious harm or even be a symptom of a larger drainage problem. So if you ever do experience a blocked toilet or blocked sink call in Ainscough Drains to get them cleared quickly and efficiently.