blocked drains preston
February 23, 2017
blocked drains preston

Ainscough Drains Your One Stop Solution For Blocked Drains in Preston

We often don’t really see or think about them but our drains travel all around our home and beyond and when they become blocked you’ll suddenly realize how important they are. But getting your drains unblocked isn’t always as easy as simply using a plunger for a few minutes.

It can be a lot more difficult than it first appears and you can easily make the blockage worse, so it’s best to call in the professionals to help you with any blocked drains. So if you want your drains cleared and you live in Preston or the surrounding area then get in contact with Ainscough Drains today.

We can help you with all your blocked drain needs and you can always count on our professional and experienced tradesman to do a quality job. We have a wealth of experience unblocking and clearing drains and can provide a variety of services to ensure any drain is thoroughly unblocked.

High Pressure Water Jetting 

High pressure water jetting is an effective way of unblocking drains and can remove dirt, grime, mud and many other common causes of blocked drains. While it’s not the only way to unblock drains and not the only method we use at Ainscough Drains, high pressure waiting jetting is still a very effective way of getting you drains cleared.

We use only the highest quality high pressure water jetting equipment and our tradesman are experienced hands who know how to use the equipment correctly. High pressure water jetting might look easy but it takes skill and experience to use correctly, if it’s not it can easily damage your drains further.

But with Ainscough Drains you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that any high-pressure water jetting we do will always be of the highest quality.

Getting Your Commercial and Domestic Drains Cleared

At Ainscough Drains we offer an array of drain clearing and unblocking services to both commercial and domestic customers. The drains in your everyday house or apartment aren’t always going to be the same as in a commercial property. But at Ainscough Drains you can count on our tradesman to ensure any commercial drains are cleared and unblocked quickly and efficiently.

So if you own a domestic or commercial property in Preston or any of the surrounding areas like: Leyland, Penwortham, Much Hoole, Chorley or lytham St Annes to give just a few examples get in touch today and we’ll do all we can to help you.

Ainscough Drains – Drainage Services For Everyone

At Ainscough Drains we provide a wide range of services from general drain unblocking services, commercial drains unblocking, high pressure water jetting and much more. We also provide full drain excavations as well so even if you think your drains are unsalvageable at Ainscough Drains we could still be able to help you.

Blocked Drains are more common than you probably think and they can cause you a variety of difficulties that can make doing simple day to day tasks very difficult. So call the experts at Ainscough Drains in quickly to get all your drains cleared.